If you are an African Canadian and your hair styling needs are unmet by the regular barber and salon shops around the corner? Then it’s time for you to come to the black hair studio in Brampton. The New Touch Barber and Hair Salon is one of the best African Canadian hair studios in Brampton. We offer a complete barber and hair salon package. New Touch hair salon and barber shop is top notch high quality. We not only offer hair cutting and trimming services but also provide all kinds of other quality services like tapering, shave, outline, fro-hawk, fade, hot towel and shave with razor are some of the most famous ones.

The New Touch Hair Studio has been operational and proudly serving the African Canadian clients in Brampton since 2007. New Touch Hair salon has been catering to customers and providing them with exceptional services in and around the Brampton area. All you need to do is step into that door and let us take care of all your needs. We guarantee that all your hair’s unmet need will be catered at black salon Brampton. We will make your skin fresh and shinning like never before, we will have your hair nourished and cut exactly like you want.

Barber shop Brampton excels in all services related to hair care and hair cutting. We are not only a specialized barber shop but also offer splendid salon services for our African Canadian female clients. We have a team of highly skilled and trained beauty experts who will cater to the needs of your skin and provide you with every treatment that you require.


Along with being high quality and ensuring provision of high quality services, our rates and prices are also extremely affordable. Our salon provides services of every kind ranging from haircuts, hair styling, extensions and hair colouring. When it comes to making hair styles with braids, braiding salons Brampton will not fail to disappoint you. We offer corn row braids, micro braids, single braids, twist/extensions, full head braids, and full head hair styles. All these hair styles with braids which are a specialty of the African Canadian females, are available in highly affordable rates and prices, starting from $90. We also offer highly reasonable rates and prices for colouring your beautiful hair. Whether you have long hair, short hair or any specific haircut, we provide services for highlights, lowlights, cape highlights, permanent colour for your full hair, re touching, re-styling and semi-permanent colour for your full head. If you are looking for hair weaving Brampton services than we will entertain you to your satisfaction like always.

New Touch salon offers its female customers with hair relaxing Brampton services. We can cut your hair in all the modern and traditional hair styles. All you need to do is point out what you want to be done with your hair. We offer services like relaxer re-touch, virgin relaxer, relaxer and styling, relaxer and rinsing, trimming, hair treatment, bang trims and natural twist. All these services start from the highly economical and affordable charges of $30. No one in the Brampton area offers such competitive and highly affordable rates.

Brampton barber shop offers special services to its male customers. Whether you are an adult, a teen or a kid, we have services for all. For services like fades Brampton area has the experienced and skilled hands of our staff. We offer fade and fade and shave services for the highly affordable rates of $25. For hot towel shave Brampton all you need to do is come to us. For males in the Brampton area we offer services including regular cutting, regular shave, seniors, cut, scissors cut, scissors cut clean shave, scissors cut shave, kid’s regular cut for kids under 12 years, scissor cut for kids, regular cut for teen ageing 13 to 17, teens regular cut and shave, and scissor cut and shave for teens. Most of these services are available for around $14 to $25.

If you cannot afford our services on regular days than New Touch barber shop also offers Tuesday specials for its men customers. The rates for Tuesday’s special services are even more affordable and cheap as compared to the regular business days. Like on a normal business day our regular hair cut costs $20 whereas on a special Tuesday the regular cut costs $16. On a Tuesday special services lists we offer scissors cut, teen regular cut, kids regular cut, cutting, colouring, shaving, outline, hot towel, designs, razor shaves, shampoo and outline and clean shave. All these services are available at more affordable rates.

The products which are used in the New Touch hair salon and barber shop are all of high ad excellent quality. We do not compromise with quality when it comes to providing you with excellent and caring treatment. Our staff are fully qualified and trained to take care of all your needs. All you need to do is sit back and let us do all the work. The equipment along with the products which we use to cut, trim and shave are of high quality. These products ensure that your skin is not damaged or cut while trimming, cutting or shaving. Due to use of high quality products, the effects and results of our treatments and services are long lasting and highly efficient. You may choose the product you want used for your treatment and services.

New Touch barber and hair salon unlike other salons and hair studios stays open for business seven days of the week. We entertain our customers all around the clock. We believe in making you beautiful every day of the week. Come to us whenever you feel the need for a luxurious and caring treatment. Our expert and highly trained staff will not fail to satisfy your hair and skin needs. Once you have been catered by our skillful staff you will never look to any other African American barber shop and salon. We cater to the styling and trendy hair cutting and styling needs like no other. You just leave it to us and we guarantee your satisfaction.


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